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RC Strings has been manufacturing guitar strings and related instruments in Valencia for more than 45 years.

Our main objective, as “La Voz de Tu Guitarra”, is for RC Strings to be an indispensable ally to transmit your musical sensitivity.

For more than 25 years the words "Anti-Oxidant", "Anti-Corrosion", and more recently, "COATED", have been part of our daily vocabulary. RC Strings is a pioneering factory in the use of these treatments, offering more life to your strings with more sound, projection and timbre. All RC Strings are “COATED”, from the cheapest set to the most expensive without distinction.

RC Strings are made "for professionals, by professionals." They are made with the best materials available at a reasonable price so you can enjoy your guitar and your music.

In addition, our contribution of offering “COATED” throughout the range it has always been successful with numerous guitar manufacturers and craftsmen who opt for strings that beautify their guitars, true "works of art".

To all the advantages mentioned above we add "Stable Tuning", a characteristic recognized by great concert artists and verified in statements made by them.

Our greatest challenge is for everyone to play comfortably with total aesthetics and response.

Thinking about guitarists, we offer more durability and more sonic life to your music, your expressive soul. For this reason RC Strings has created a wide variety of combinations that provide a wide range of timbres and tensions.

Your strings, like your guitar, are very personal. We encourage all guitarists to try our wide assortment of references made in response to numerous comments and preferences from concert players around the world. We especially appreciate the collaboration of our "RC Strings Artists".

RC Strings also manufactures strings for bandurria, lute, ukulele and a wide range of related instruments.

With RC Strings you can feel free to enjoy your musical performance.

RC Strings are made "for professionals, by professionals"

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