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MOOV Travel Guitars

MOOV Travel Guitars

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The “RC Strings Artist” Yorgos Bechlivanoglou is a professional musician, concert guitarist and guitar teacher from Greece. 

He loves travelling to different countries, experiencing new cultures. But he has also experienced the problems of carrying his instruments with him, because in many concerts he uses three different guitars: a classical, an acoustic and an electric, as well as a pedalboard and other stuff. 

In 2013 he started thinking about how he could reduce the weight and volume of all this heavy and cumbersome stuff. So, he researched about a travel guitar construction which would sound and feel like a real guitar but that would be much easier to travel with. 

After testing a lot of them, he realised there wasn’t anything in the market that could satisfy his needs.  Through the years he constructed three prototypes calling them Moov Travel Guitar, and improving on each one the functionality of the design. He tested it practising on it first and later playing concerts and in 2018 he decided that it is a really good solution and will help many musicians professional or not. 

He started production and in September 2018 the company was founded. Since then Moov has sold many guitars all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia, Australia etc.) and the feedback received from the guitarists is really very impressive.

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