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Jonnathan El Barouki

Jonnathan El Barouki

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He has a PhD in Educational Sciences with a Post doctorate in Research from the Bicentennial University of Aragua. Teacher graduated from the Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University. Master in Music specialized in Instrumental Execution by the Simón Bolívar University. In addition, he is the first classical guitarist graduated from the Federico Villena School of Music. 

As a teacher, he was part of the faculty members of the Master of Music at the Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela. He was also a professor at the Aragua State Conservatory of Music. As an interpreter, he has done an important tour for different countries in both Latin America and Europe. He has also been awarded in various guitar competitions. His work as a composer has been performed by different orchestras and performers. In 2017 he published his Postonal Studies for guitar, whose work has obtained important recognitions from different universities, performers and composers. 

He has been part of courts in national and international competitions. As a producer and researcher, he has various documentaries, festivals, record productions and scientific publications in his portfolio. 

He is the founding President of the Guitar Association of Madrid and President of the International Guitar Festival of Spain (FIGUE). Member of the Association of Composers of Madrid and of the General Society of Authors and Composers of Spain.

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