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BRIDGE MICRO for guitar

BRIDGE MICRO for guitar

This is a pickup that does not require to be installed in the guitar.

  • Sku AMB5C

This is an exclusive novelty of  RC Strings.

This new model matches the color of the bridge, making it more esthetic.

Encased in lightweight tonewood, AMB5 insures the natural sound of your guitar. AMB5 installs safely and securely on the tie bar utilizing the tension of the strings. AMB5 comes complete with a detachable, easily replaceable cable.


1) Loosen strings widely, leaving ample room to slide pickup through loops without pressure.

2) With pickup flat on the tie bar, tighten strings and retune.

3) Hold pickup head securely when attaching and detaching pickup cable.

4) Pickup may remain installed when not in use.

5) Use care when installing and transporting pickup.

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